January 2003 :
Tackie Moved to Amsterdam Netherlands and started working as a session player. During that period, met well-known players. Curtis Knight, former Picture, Xhausted), Chriz Van Jaarsveld (Picture, Sleeze Beez), Ernst Van Ee (Highway Chile, Helloïse), Mr. Tiger (White Heat, Sleeze Beez) and so on.
 May 1992 :
 November 1991 :
Tackie and Brian Mundy formed Aurora Empire in Bristol England.
Aurora Empire History
March 1991 :
Unexpected accident... one after another... Tackie decided to disband.
 August 2003 : 


Tackie decided to form own band naming Aurora Empire once again with fresh members. Working with Gilbert Ferreila as a vocalist. During that time, released acoustic music album " Education ".
Aurora Empire Records officially started.
A little while after Gilbert Ferreila left band to work his own band Ferreila, new vocalist Bob Nehls joined Aurora Empire.
Mr. Tiger joined Aurora Empire (Emergency Vocalist).

Aurora Empire released first album " Royal Straight Flush ".
Aurora Empire released second album " Welcome To Another Dimension ".
Tackie released Ballet suite (Demo Version 2)
Tackie reissued work with Gilbert Ferreila in 1998 " Education ".
Aurora Empire released third album " Aurora Empire ".
Aurora Empire singed on management contract with Imageforu Ltd in UK. Later found this action was the worst mistake ever made.
Doogie White(former vocalist of Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow and Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force) agreed to join Aurora Empire project (Single " Believe In The Mothercorn").
Imageforu Ltd and Astar studios arranged awful recording session in Netherlands. None experienced producer Andy Ross from Astar Studios in Heywood UK completely destroyed music. Later Doogie White recorded vocals on Andy Ross's arrangement of " Believe In The Mothercorn " but Doogie White's performance was nothing like Doogie White in past comparing with when he was in Rainbow or any other groups he worked and after recording he left (This song was released on some of website late 2009 using confusable similar name Anphoria's Empire. Also they made it sounds like Andy Ross composed song). Aurora Empire concern was their purpose was stealing music from beginning.
 February 1998 :
 June 2005 :
 6 January 2006 :
25 May 2007 :
 26 May 2007 :
 No. 1  " A Little Fairy "
 No. 2  " Castle Of Mermaid "
Songs were composed and arranged in October 1987.
28 August 2008 :
 November 2008 :
 23 June 2009 :
  5 July 2009 :
 28 May 2007 :
August 2009 :
To catch up all delayed schedule, Aurora Empire started to work on 3 new albums on one go. All basic tracks have finished and ready to record but some ridicules laws are stopping Aurora Empire to move forward.
All that unsatisfied and dirty work Imageforu Ltd did, Aurora Empire hired lawyer to finish this contract and asked them for royalties for songs they stole from Aurora Empire.